What is cash back?

Cashback is a benefit that enables you to receive payback on purchases you make. There are different avenues to earning cash back like credit or debit cards or even cash back apps. When it comes to credit cards, some offer the same amount of cash back on all transactions, while others give a higher percentage in specific spending categories.

For example, an ABC card lets you earn a 4% cash back at grocery stores and restaurants valid up to $800 in combined purchases each quarter.

A few cards allow you to choose and switch your bonus category, or they rotate their highest-earning cash-back categories every three months for the best deals online shopping today. Cash back benefits have a fixed cash value, unlike travel credit cards that often give cardholders points or miles with variable value depending on how they are redeemed.

While some credit cards offer good cash back offers, using credit cards extensively can be dangerous if you’re not mindful of your spending and you have to pay it back on time to avoid a dip in your credit points. Cash back offers on debit cards are usually much smaller %s. Your best bet is to use cash back apps like StoreCash that gives you up to 15% unlimited cash back instantly.

Cardholders can have cash back in the form of:

    • Direct bank deposit

    • Online purchases

    • Statement credits

    • Gift cards

How to earn cashback?

A cash-back reward can be from 1% to 5% or more. Based on agreements between merchants, some transactions come with added benefits. You earn more money when you shop there than anywhere else. These are the partner websites of the credit or debit card you use. StoreCash on the other hand offers as high as 15 % in cash back, which is the highest cashback service out there, allowing you to save money in the long run.

Depending on the type of purchase, credit or debit cards offer variable cash-back levels. Generally, to be eligible for cashback or other perks, the cardholder must exceed a certain threshold of transactions. However, this criterion may or may not apply depending on the card.

You can also use cash back websites and apps like StoreCash to make money while shopping. Many cash-back websites collaborate with shops like Amazon to provide targeted discounts on products like toys or seasonal accessories. All you have to do is sign up for their free membership, sign into the cash back site and start shopping. Typically, you can layer these services one on top of the other to save more.

How to use the cash back earned?

Your credit or debit card account will hold any cash-back incentives you earn until you decide to use them. Cash back can be applied in numerous ways. The most widely used redemption options include gift cards, online shopping, and bill credits. In most cases redemption is a manual process.

With some cards, you can donate the money you get in cash back to charity or deposit it straight into a bank account. Some cards may allow you to use your cash back to make travel plans using the issuer's website.

You can utilize your cash back points to partially or fully fund your purchase with some credit or debit card issuers by linking your cash back rewards to payment gateways.

With StoreCash, your earned cash back will automatically and instantly jump back into your StoreCash account for you to use the next time you shop. It’s all automated and makes it much more convenient to use your cash back savings.


Using StoreCash or a credit or debit card with cash back benefits can help you earn extra money and save money on shopping based on your purchases. You can use this solution on top of existing discounts to double your savings or more. Your opportunity to earn more increases as you use your cash back rewards programs more frequently.